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We develop marketing, communications, and digital solutions for health, wellness and medical service providers.

What we do

You work hard to ensure that your patients have the best assessment, diagnostic and treatment protocols. At Ostler & Rose, we believe that the health of your marketing strategy deserves the same multi-faceted approach.
We are your external marketing department, an extension of your company, and your strategic partner – all wrapped into one. We take care of the health of your business so you can focus on the health of your patients, clients and partners.


We do more than take a bird’s eye view of your business. We dive into what’s working and what’s not to create a roadmap that aligns your marketing, communications and digital activities with your goals.


We know your business is much more than the sum of its parts. By analyzing your clientele, business model, and brand, we’ll create a strategic marketing prescription uniquely tailored for your practice.


Your team are experts at treating patients, ours are experts at getting them in the door. Let us orchestrate your marketing, communications and digital activities to help you gain new patients’ trust.


Today’s patient is informed, empowered and prepared – before they even step into your clinic. Your patients are using search engines, social media sites, health-focused websites, and physician review websites, to gather information prior to contacting you. So, are you reaching the right patient, at the right time, with the right message?

At Ostler & Rose, this is what we do best.


used search engines to research treatment options


visit a hospital or clinic website before booking an appointment


of consumers would rather be perceived as healthy than wealthy


feel social media content will impact their choice of hospital or clinic

Why we are different

Holistic marketing is all about considering your whole business as one interconnected entity and using that mindset to establish your strategy.

Like the human body, your business has different parts, but it’s only able to function properly when all those pieces work together towards the same goal. By taking a truly integrated approach, we create and execute a strategy that respects the complexities of your business and the physical, mental and emotional needs of the healthcare consumer. The result is a healthy approach to marketing.

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