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When a patient selects you there is a high level of trust – and vulnerability – that goes into their decision. After all, they are putting their wellness in your hands.

That’s why a holistic approach to marketing and communications is crucial. Just like you do for your clients, we make sure that the right approach and tools are used in the right combination to reach and attract YOUR perfect audience.

Lifelong wellness – for your patients and business alike – is a journey.

One that you shouldn’t take without the guidance of trusted health marketing experts, like Ostler & Rose. 

what we can do for you

From assessment to execution and beyond, we’ll oversee your clinics’ marketing strategy and tactics to ensure that you’re meeting – and exceeding – your business goals. Just like with your patients’ health, we recognize that when it comes to marketing – everything works together and everything matters. An integrated, big picture perspective is critical for success.

Marketing Rx

Your marketing strategy should be a prescription that is unique to your business. We’ll select the right channels, tools and tactics to mold the footprint that you want to make, and deliver the impact that you want to have.

Public Relations

In the healthcare industry specifically, multiple audiences require different messages. This is where PR comes in. Whether you need media training, targeted key messages, or direct media outreach, we can help.

Web Design & SEO

Given that 30% of patients research online before booking an appointment, you want to ensure that your website is nurturing potential leads. Ostler & Rose will demystify the process to get your website working for you.

Digital Lead Generation

Whether you want to dip your toe into Adwords, Facebook ads, or the like, we take the who, what, and how of digital ads and lead generation off your hands, so that you can get back to doing what you love.

Relationship Marketing

Today’s healthcare consumer doesn’t just select a clinic – they choose what relationship to pursue. Ostler & Rose can help nurture the bond with potential and current patients so that they are with you for the long-haul.

Business Development

Marketing isn’t the only thing in our DNA – we also have a knack and love for sales and business development – especially in healthcare. Ostler & Rose will ensure that your outreach efforts match your bottom line goals.


Whether you are one week or one decade in, you want to ensure that your brand identity is reflected in every online, offline, and in-clinic item that you produce so that your brand is recognizable and remembered – when people need it the most.

Content Strategy

Multi-dimensional marketing has made an effective content strategy even more important for brands, especially in healthcare. Today’s content is as influential as yesterday’s newspaper ad. To get your brand out there, you need to get the word out there.

Internal Marketing

It’s not uncommon to focus attention on nurturing your external patient and partner relationships. But marketing doesn’t stop there. We will create a strategy that gets aligns all your messaging – from the initial patient inquiry onwards.

who you are 

We work with start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses and practices who provide health and medical services. We respect that you are entering a growth stage and looking for a strategic partner. Perhaps you have a small marketing department (or individual) who needs additional strategic support. Or, maybe you have reached a point in your business using word-of-mouth and now need an external marketing arm to take your company to the next level.  Ostler & Rose meets you where you are now, to get you to where you want to go.

Our clients include: 




Dentists and Dental Centres

Naturopaths and Wellness Centres


Integrated Health Clinics

Health Charities

Fertility Clinics

Plastic Surgeons

and more ..

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